“I had to call an audible.”

So is this particular United States Congressman saying that flying a plane into a United States federal government building isn’t terrorism, despite his Congressional oath to protect American from all enemies “foreign and domestic”?   As long as it’s against the IRS, criminal conduct is excusable because Joe Stack thought he was speaking truth to power?

Uh-huh… doesn’t US Rep. Steve King (R-IA) mean he wants the IRS abolished because he tried to pull a fast one and got caught:

Snort!  “…an audible…fair tax…national sales tax..”  That’s rich.

Why is it that dopes like this nutjob refuse to just come out and say that they don’t feel that they should have to pay taxes (like Leona Helmsley) and follow through by not paying their taxes (like Leona Helmsley).  I’ll venture two reasons:  one, because they don’t want to live as a guest of the taxpayer in a federal correctional facility (like Leona Helmsley) and two, because they know their anti-tax and anti-IRS rhetoric is bullshit for the tee-vee cameras (like Leona Helemsley).

There’s more here and here— all courtesy of CPAC‘s carnival ride last weekend.

And then there’s another thing about all these fiery anti government remarks.  What about the family of the poor slob that went to work last week in Austin, Texas. Stack may have deluded himself into thinking his action was political, but he killed somebody intentionally that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Would the death of IRS employee and two-tour veteran of Vietnam Vernon Hunter be considered “an audible” by King?

I call it murder and I call it terrorism, regardless of the “fair tax” spin Steve King is unsuccessfully attempting to put on it and King’s family should be ashamed of him. However, I suspect that his family is just as bad as he is in the apple-doesn’t-fall-far-from-the-tree sense.

It’s simply too bad that shame no longer packs the punch it once did.


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