You shall reap what you sow…


It looks like the so-called “liberal media” is the least worrisome aspect Newt Gingrich’s Paul Ryan problem as he hit the Iowa hustings yesterday for a 17 stops swing as a declared candidate for the GOP presidential nomination:

And this happened on the first day of the Iowa tour.  I can hardly wait to see how many other shoes those angry teabaggers are prepared to drop on ole Newt.  I wonder if Gingrich has realized that all his tricks from the early 1990s won’t work with this crowd.

The truly hilarious part about all this is that Newt is the one who is correct, not Paul Ryan or his super-angry-all-the-flippin’-time-Randian-band-of-teabagging-supporters.

Good times.

UPDATE 3:00 pm :

Well now, this half-assed denial certainly didn’t take long… or this whopper either.  I can hardly wait until tomorrow.


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