Haven’t seen this in my local rag yet!!!

Y’know, it’s not easy being from South Carolina.  It seems as if every time there’s a mention of The Palmetto State in the national media, it’s because of garden-variety rank stupidity… or drunk-driving fatalities… or domestic violence… or underfunded public schools… or, oh I could go on and on.

Today, the reason is of the super-dumb variety.

Get a load of these two Myrtle Beach Teabagging geniuses and and what they’ve been charged with by the Grand Strand’s one and only Horry County Sheriff’s Department.

Having had the wildly entertaining opportunity to retrieve college pals from the Horry County Jail whilst in college, all I have to say about this is:  Enjoy the powdered eggs, fellas– I’ve heard they’re without peer!


About therealdeals

I'm a flinty-eyed South Carolinian who needs a nap.
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